Welcome to Cornershop, Ashley!

We’re thrilled to welcome Ashley Campbell-Chavez to the Cornershop family as our Quality Assurance Analyst! Woo!

Ashley has always had a keen eye for detail, a penchant for perfection, and a love of catching things before they fall through the cracks, facts which are documented in a beloved childhood home movie: Picture elementary-school-aged Ashley, in a bright fluffy yellow ‘fairy’ dress, performing in a play. While her classmates are just saying their lines, she’s reciting her lines, but also flailing her hands and prompting her classmates when they forget or flub their lines.

At Cornershop, she’ll make good use of her detail orientation to ensure clients get what they are looking for, and prevent troublesome code tribbles from making it out into the world.

Ashley originally worked in quality assurance for an educational software company and then moved into a customer support role for Salsa Labs, where she was exposed to the needs and wants of the nonprofit world. Her time at Salsa helped her to understand what nonprofits go through when it comes to today’s technology, and she’s made it her mission to help in whatever way she can.

When she’s not blasting code bugs out of the sky MIB-style, she’s likely taking care of her newborn baby girl, her husband, or her two dogs. She enjoys black and white photography, archery, and mountain biking. Currently, she lives in Boulder, CO where she is constantly on the search for good breakfast tacos.



Lesley has been working on the web since she was in high school and ran her own small web design shop before she could drive. She has extensive experience performing user testing and usability studies, rewriting and improving complex language to appeal to a wide variety of audiences, and helping organizations adopt the right technologies to achieve their goals. Her heart really belongs to nonprofits and small businesses, where she can see the tangible benefits of a healthy web presence: donations, connections, engagements, and sales.