More Effective Salsa Donation Forms are Just a Form Away

So many nonprofit donation forms look like an afterthought; a final, forgotten, unstyled form tacked on to an otherwise thoughtfully-designed website.

It doesn’t make sense: your donation form should be one of the first things you think about, since it’s the #1 thing you want people to use!

We get it, though. You only have so much time and money to spend on your website and the donation form is often thought of as utilitarian: as long as it works, it’s doing its job. Maybe your web vendor doesn’t even know how to style your Salsa form.

We’re here to help. Our beautiful, mobile-friendly, and effective forms ensure potential donors that they really *are* still on your site, and that you really *do* care about their donation. This subtle reassurance leads to increased conversion rates and donations.

The process to transform your Salsa donation form from an afterthought into a gorgeous focal point is easy:

Step 1

Choose your template: multi-step or one-page.

Don’t know what a multi-step donation form is? Turns out they’re highly effective. Learn more here.

Step 2

Pay the one-time $500 fee, and provide your variables for content via a secure form.

Variables include logo, background color, most text, button style and color, and donation amount.

Step 3

We’ll create a reusable donation form for you and let you know when it’s complete and ready to use!

Get started!