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New Mexico Community Capital

This powerhouse community-building venture fund needed a simple website to promote its Native American community development efforts. A cloned and customized WordPress theme not only did the trick, but served the needs of its premier fund, as well!

New Mexico Community Capital
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  • May 2017
New Mexico Community Capital is a nonprofit that manages a “Double Bottom Line” venture capital fund in New Mexico, dedicated to strategically investing in New Mexico companies that both deliver returns and create social and economic impact for the state and its residents. Although the organization had two WordPress sites previously, they were difficult to update and no longer represented this dynamic organization.
The fund’s premier effort is the Native Entrepreneurship in Residence (NEIR) Program, so we started by redesigning and rearchitecting that site. After launching the new NEIR site, we cloned it and customized it to create the new New Mexico Community Capital site. The two sites share the same theme and a lot of the same elements, but have different colors and slightly different styling. For example, on, the section dividers are diagonal, but on, they’re horizontal and straight. This means that backend maintenance is a cinch for organization staff: even though the two sites are separate, they work exactly the same, so there’s no need to learn anything new in order to move from making changes on one site to making changes on the other.