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Moving Day is a massive fundraising walk/run event with a huge peer-to-peer fundraising effort. We helped the Parkinson Foundation create a registration, donation, and participant management system using WordPress as a “face” that sends data into the powerful backend of Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser.

Parkinson Foundation Moving Day Website
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  • October 2017

The National Parkinson Foundation has held its annual Moving Day fundraising walk/run event since 2011, and has grown from 3 events that year to more than 30 events in different cities around the United States. The event website, hosted on the TeamRaiser platform, had done a great job supporting the event in previous years, but was starting to show its age. We worked with the Parkinson Foundation to create a beautiful new system with improved design and user experience, especially around registration and donation processes. To give the organization granular control over settings, design, messaging, and features, we used WordPress as the “face” to TeamRaiser, and synced the data from TeamRaiser into WP using the Luminate and TeamRaiser APIs.

The peer-to-peer fundraising site helps Moving Day participants as they raise awareness and funds to further expand Parkinson’s research and community resources, including:

  • Participant Center, which allows participants to track their fundraising progress on personalized pages, create their own fundraising landing page and send emails to supporters (with a custom email template) — all from a mobile-responsive environment.
  • Faster Registration, to improve the arduous registration process to make it easier for Moving Day participants to sign up and start fundraising quickly.
  • We retained existing peer-to-peer fundraising pages, and forwarded all links to ensure that folks who had participated in the past and bookmarked or shared their links weren’t disappointed.
  • Donation form improvements, to make it easier for friends, family, and coworkers to donate. We used Gravity Forms to create a custom donation form that feeds into Luminate. But that’s not the only way this donation form was different from others: because Moving Day participants are fundraising in their own personal networks, we needed it to be really easy to find people, so we added a robust search so folks can find specific events/participants/team members they want to support, and created a dynamic donation form title once a specific event/participant/team member has been selected.  A few examples:

The new site balances modern design with powerful functionality, and takes into consideration its wide audience and user profile.

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