New Website Supports Lively Conversations in Member Forum

ROC USA is a New Hampshire-based nonprofit that helps low- and fixed-income owners of manufactured homes to form a co-op, and consequently further develop their financial and location security. We worked with ROC USA to build a powerful dual-purpose site that serves not only existing members, but also potential members.

Systems Used

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Date Completed

  • August 2018

We started by designing and building the pubic-facing site, focusing extra time on usability testing via a tree test to confirm that the site architecture was intuitive, and a first impression test to confirm that the design also made sense to visitors. The final touch on the public-facing site is a great Google Map that automatically feeds ROC communities from the list of active communities in Salesforce.

With the “easy” part done, we turned our attention to the more feature-rich intranet, which we folded into the main site. The password-protected area authenticates against ROC USA’s Salesforce database via a custom WordPress login form that rejects anyone who isn’t already in Salesforce. Behind the login, members find discussion forums, private groups, and community lists.

One of our favorite parts of the site is this great tiled landing page, which grows to include members-only tiles when someone is logged in:

ROC USA tiled landing page