SLGE Template Deploy

Center for State and Local Government Excellence

The Center for State and Local Government Excellence is a non-partisan, non-profit organization which does research to shed light on the issues of the aging government workforce and waning interest in local and state government to put them into perspective for policy leaders and the public.

Primarily focused on the function of their content, they came to Cornershop when they realized their site was ready for a refresh. 

SLGE Template Deploy
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  • November 2018

They let our team take the reins on design while they researched and communicated the various use cases and needs of their site visitors. By working with custom post-types and a template refresh we were able to provide them a wonderful, functioning site that was still within their budget.

This was a template deploy on which we focused much more on the function of content and faceted search features over design, but we were still able to clean up the site make it appear much more modern, thanks to the use of a Jupiter template theme.

There was minimal content post types outside of their resource posts, so the content on the site is most dependent on archives and updated posts. We also managed and created multiple post types with different rules for how each were to display on each the live site.

The resource pages make great use of faceted search functionality that allow for users to explore the specific research type (i.e. “Retirement”) but also allows them to quickly filter to other options within the initial facets.