Student Conservation Association (SCA)

Student Conservation Association

We created a super-flexible, mobile-responsive Drupal site that helps SCA recruit new partners and youth members.

Student Conservation Association (SCA)
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  • February 2014

SCA wasn’t happy with its dated and difficult-to-maintain Drupal site, so after working with us on several quick-turnaround campaign sites, the organization asked us to completely overhaul its main fundraising and recruitment site. We created a super-flexible, mobile-responsive Drupal site that helps SCA recruit new partners and youth members.

We started from the ground up with a completely new design (thanks to lots of collaboration between SCA’s in-house design team and Cornershop’s design team), focused on the end-user, and we double-checked that those end-users were happy by performing two types of usability tests: a card sorting exercise to determine the best information architecture, and a first impression test to ensure that visitors could accomplish the most important tasks on the site. The new design is a massive improvement over the old — cleaner, better branded, less busy, easiser to use, relying on various Drupal views and panels to deliver content in a variety of formats and layouts. The fun and user-friendly UI allows us to feature relevant, context-aware content, with a variety of distinctive landing pages throughout the site. The tiles add an extra bit of pizzazz, allowing SCA to easily and graphically highlight important and timely news, tools and content in a distinctive, engaging way.

On the backend, we redeveloped and rearchitected nearly everything:

  • The new Positions section is a huge improvement over their previous solution in every way: we created a sophisticated custom SalesForce integration that’s pretty, pulls select positions and fields from Salesforce, presents positions in an user-friendly way, and makes it easy for SCA to edit position descriptions even after they’ve been imported into Drupal. The automated sync made it possible to expand end-user search capabilities from a single text field to a more robust form allowing for geographic filtering and other controls.
  • The map section got a makeover as well: we tightened the integration between the existing map and Drupal by replacing a static JSON file with taxonomies and content types that allow for the JSON file to be dynamically generated from within Drupal.
  • In order to meet SCA’s goal of simplifying site administration, we reduced the number of content types they maintain from nearly 40, across three sites, to just 14 on one site. We developed a custom migration script to migrate thousands of posts from three separate places on two different Drupal 6 sites, into one new Drupal 7 content types. The script preserved important meta information, such as author information and attached images.
  • We replaced Drupal’s stock search tool with Apache Solr to better facilitate finding needs in a haystack on this large and complex site. Solr is faster and more robust than Drupal’s search, and offers more fine-tuned configuration and smarter algorithms for determining relevancy. We leveraged Solr’s Facets functionality to provide users with tools to intelligently filter their search results to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for based on content type, date or author.

In the end, both the Cornershop team and the SCA team are very happy with this project. We love the way the new site looks and works, and we’re happy to hear that SCA’s visitors are just as thrilled with the new site.

  • I seriously don’t know what I would do without you guys. Thank you for always having the answers!

    Megan McVey