United Church of Christ

UCC Upgrades Technology and Launches a New Website

United Church of Christ (UCC)  is a mainline Protestant denomination with deep roots in social justice.

United Church of Christ
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  • December 2020

The organization’s 5,000-page NationBuilder had grown organically over time and had done an admirable job reaching many and varied audiences, but as we know, technology moves fast and it was time to overhaul the site and address issues ranging from maintenance to searchability, and from security to content hierarchy. The vision for the new website was clear: They needed a site that resonated with their current audiences while targeting new audiences, as well as being user friendly, secure, and modern. 

Cornershop’s team of designers and developers performed a complete revamp of the outdated website, moving through 4 defined phases: discovery, design, development, and launch. We built UCC a modern website with easy navigation, fun custom blocks, Shopify integration, a “Church Finder” feature, and faceted search for worship and faith formation content.

On the training front, we provided training not only for overall site administrators, but also for editors with individual page permissions, and also held a separate Writing for the Web & SEO Workshop to explain how writing for online reading is different from communicating in print.

Once this site was fully built and tested, we cloned it in order to create the UCC Global Ministries site. This simple technique saves the organization a ton of money and time: instead of creating two completely new websites, they can focus resources on the first, and then use it as a template for the second!