Donation Form Enhancer

Build Beautiful Donation Forms

We get it. It’s easy to settle for a donation page when hey, at least it works, right? Still, it’s the #1 thing on your website that you want people to use, so let’s spruce things up a bit, shall we?

We used our experience in designing fully customized donation forms to create streamlined template options that cost less to implement.

Just share your branding and layout preference with us, and we’ll create a beautiful donation template in two weeks or less!

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Your choice of one-page or multi-step layouts
  • Customized to match your site

Engaging Networks ($1,000)

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Luminate Online ($750)

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Salsa Classic ($500)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do you need from me?

    We’ll have you decide whether you’d like a Multi-Step or One-Page design, and our team will also follow up to request content variables including: logo, background color or image, page content/text, button style and color, and donation amounts.

  • Does this template work for multiple pages?

    Yes! We’ve designed our templates to work best with donation forms on the Classic Salsa platform and as Luminate wrappers.

    You can reuse the template or wrapper as many times as you like on multiple fundraising forms, and you will also have access to the source of the template, should you want to edit it yourself.

  • What if I don't use Salsa or Luminate Online?

    We provide similar streamlined donation form design services for Engaging Networks, Blue State Digital, and other platforms. Contact us if you’re interested!

  • What if I want additional customizations or layout changes beyond your templates?

    No problem! Making your forms even more distinct and unique to your organization is always beneficial.

    We will happily work with you determine your specific needs and customize our templates at our standard hourly rate.

  • Will these templates work with my custom fields?

    Yes! We have developed this code to ensure custom fields, honorary gift fields, and other possible elements will still look great.