Gravity Forms Add-ons for Data Integrations

Transfer Data from WordPress Forms Into Salsa

Creating forms for your website that feed into your master database can be challenging: You want to make sure you get as much information as possible from your supporters without scaring them away with an intimidating, uninspiring or clunky experience.

We’ve got good news! We offer free WordPress plugins that will make your form creation not only easier but also more powerful.

Our add-ons allow you to push constituent data from the awesome Gravity Forms plugin to Salsa Labs with ease and flexibility, letting you create and update supporter records directly from your WordPress-powered website.

  • Send data from Gravity Forms on WordPress to Salsa
  • Easily integrate forms on your website
  • Provide flexible field and data matching
  • Add form submissions to a group
  • Connect form to Salsa Classic Donation data

Salsa Classic Add-on (Free)

Download for free from the WordPress Plugin Library.


Salsa Engage Add-on (Free)

Download for free from the WordPress Plugin Library.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    Built as add-ons to the free Gravity Forms WordPress plugin, the Salsa Classic and Salsa Engage add-ons give you the ability to create and configure “feeds” of Gravity Form submissions into Salsa. These feeds are configurable on a per-form, per-field basis, giving you lots of flexibility on how to send data.

  • Help! I downloaded the plugin, but what should I do next?

    While the add-on plugins are free to download and easy to use, you might like some help setting it up, troubleshooting issues, or setting up form feeds.

    We offer two service plans for the plugin:

    Basic Add-On Support & Configuration

    This plan includes:

    • Installation of both Gravity Forms and Salsa Add-On.
    • Setup of one functional sign-up form.
    • Ongoing email support to answer questions and help troubleshoot issues with the plugin.

    Add-On Configuration + WordPress Support & Maintenance

    This plan includes all of the above, plus:

    • Daily backup of your WordPress website.
    • Daily updates to all plugins, themes, and WordPress Core.
    • Hourly security scans to check for hacking and vulnerabilities.
    • Constant site monitoring to ensure the site is always up. If it goes down, we’ll notify you immediately and begin coming up with a solution.
    • Up to five small, on-demand maintenance tasks per month.

    We’d love to work with you! Please let us know how we can be of service.

  • What's the difference between the add-ons?

    Salsa Labs has both an older, “Classic” platform as well as their current Engage platform, and both of these options store their contact data in different ways. Each add-on plugin is uniquely tailored to the respective databases.

  • Can I process donations via this plugin?

    Due to API limitations, the Engage version doesn’t let you send donation data to be processed by Salsa, though it will let you log a “donation transaction” in the database — so if you add a payment processor add-on for Gravity Forms, you can process donations there and then have them logged in Salsa.

  • Can I add event registrations or advocacy participants to my CRM with this plugin?

    The Engaging Networks add-on includes basic support for Pages, which in theory can be used for advocacy or event registrations. The Luminate add-on can be used for logging surveys, but not actual event or advocacy forms. The Salsa add-on does not support events or advocacy at this time.

    We would love to customize these plugins to be more powerful, though, so please contact us if you’d like to discuss this further!