Widget Menuizer

Improve Your Mega Menu with Widget Content

Anything you can do with a widget can now be done inside your WordPress menus.  

Think of the possibilities! Instead of having the words “blog” and “news” in your dropdown menu, you can easily display the most recent blog or news post! Instead of listing generic categories or issues you work on, just add the most urgent action alert. You’ll also be able to add images or videos with ease!

Create sophisticated “mega dropdowns” and other menu fanciness without completely overhauling your menu management system.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    Upon activation, when you visit the menu management screen under Appearance > Menus, you’ll see a new option under the familiar Pages, Posts, Links, Categories and Tags list: Sidebars. This list consists of all the sidebar regions that exist in your currently-active theme. Simply check the box to add a sidebar into your menu the same way you would for any other menu item.

    Once in your menu, you’ll see a new option, “Container Element,” which lets you control which HTML tag is wrapped around the sidebars that are output into the menu.

    Because it’s possible to put menu widgets inside sidebars, you may see a warning notice if the sidebar region you’ve put in your menu contains a menu widget. This is because you may have inadvertantly created a recursion: if the menu contained in your sidebar is the same menu your sidebar is placed in, you’ll have an infinite loop that will do bad, bad things. So be careful.

  • Can you help me set this up?

    We can! Contact us to let us know what you’re looking for.

  • What would happen if I put a menu in a widget?

    While you can technically do this, don’t! You could create an endless loop, and that would be bad.

  • Do you have examples of how this works?

    We sure do! Read this post to learn more about how we used the menuizer with Orion Magazine and Interfaith Alliance’s menus.