Access Now

Access Now is an international human rights organization that advocates globally for universal access to open internet and other key technology as a basic human right, despite government oppression, military action, and political upheaval.

Since 2009, the group has managed a number of projects that support human rights defenders, aid developers of secure communications tools, advocate for open internet in legislative bodies, and educate people through campaigns, websites, social media, and multimedia resources.

The organization had outgrown its existing Expression Engine and Blue State Digital integration, and needed a beautiful but very secure alternative that will allow for complex tagging and content relations.

We performed a complex migration from Expression Engine to WordPress, carefully transitioning the organization’s wealth of content from the old website platform to the new.

We built a beautiful but deceptively complex WordPress site with lots of content and use of taxonomies for landing pages. There’s some cool filtering happening on issue and blog pages, as well, in addition to fun state changes on pages, such as the about page.

Engaging Networks offered a versatile platform which allowed us to build a robust and engaging Action Center that connects supporters to action records in Engaging Networks.

And because Access is especially security-oriented, we locked down and fortified the site, working with specialty host SilkRoad to ensure that the site passed a security audit before the site went live.