Ann Arbor Jewish Stories

We designed and built this beautiful WordPress site to celebrate the Beth Israel Congregation’s 100th anniversary through an oral history of jewish Ann Arbor.

In partnership with StoryCorps, Beth Israel interviewed and recorded community members across generations, telling stories about the congregation and the greater Ann Arbor Jewish community. The site combines audio recordings, photographs, and text to reflect upon the Ann Arbor Jewish community over the past 100 years, the changes it has gone through, and where it is going.

On the front end, the site is beautiful and modern.  On the back end, it is intuitive to maintain and easy for site administrators to add new stories, and it lets community members submit their own stories!

The site is designed to be dynamic, continuing to grow and evolve over time, with accompanying transcripts, a timeline with significant events that have created and shaped the Jewish community in Ann Arbor, oral histories recorded in the early 1990s by the Jewish Historical society of Ann Arbor, new contributions submitted by the community.