Chicago Reporter

The Chicago Reporter is a dynamic nonprofit investigative news organization, focused on race, poverty and income inequality in metropolitan Chicago.

Although the organization’s old website served its purpose, and hadn’t prevented the Reporter’s writers from receiving honor after honor for journalistic excellence and public service, the organization was excited to upgrade, moving in to the modern, mobile-friendly, and news-ready Largo theme from the Investigative News Network, a ready-made WordPress theme for investigative news outlets.

The new framework makes it easier for Chicago Reporter staff to highlight hardhitting pieces, package issues in a more compelling way, and raise more support for future fundraising efforts.

We migrated all of the Reporter’s content from an old Drupal instance, and customized Largo with a modern, clean, and engaging design that matches the tone and branding of the publication.

On the backend, we used Largo’s Series feature to help the Reporter’s staff manage its quarterly magazine, so that it’s easy to create and package articles together as a single, cohesive issue.