CT Viewpoints and TrendCT

We had the honor of building the main CT Mirror site in a customized Largo template in 2014, and since then, the publication’s audience has continued to grow.

In 2015, the Connecticut News Project decided to try something new, launching two new companion publications to appeal to its evolving audiences: a data-focused site Trend CT, and an opinion forum CT Viewpoints.

Trend CT offers information-rich charts, graphs, databases, and maps, to provide insight into trends, issues, problems and solutions in CT.

CT Viewpoints is an evolution of the standard newspaper Op-Ed page, “offering commentary and discussion in both traditional and new forms, including social media and video,” according to CT Mirror.

We built and tricked out one amazing Largo backend for these two sites, and supported CT Mirror staff as they performed the Largo frontend customizations to make each site unique. By developing a shared theme for both sites, we minimized the up-front development time and make a smoother path for long term maintenance.

To make submissions to the CT Viewpoints opinion forum easy for both readers and CT Mirror staff, we customized a Gravity Form to accept opinion pieces, as well as accompanying photos, contact information, and social media handles. Submissions are automatically turned in to draft content in the site, and are published for public consumption only after an editor has approved them.