Cultural Vistas

Cultural Vista offers students and professionals a wide variety of opportunities to work and study abroad. Every year, the organization offers more than 30 exchange programs that promote global understanding through the lens of career exploration, civic engagement, leadership development, and professional training. With so much going on, and so many exciting opportunities for so many different audiences, the organization’s old website had gotten hard to navigate.

We worked extensively on their site organization, interviewing both internal and external stakeholders to understand current pain points, and plan for improvements that would make the most impact. Based on those conversations, we revised and re-revised new site maps to create the best presentation of the organization’s varying programs. With the content organization nailed down, we worked hard on the design and layout options to provide a variety of flexible regions that help make content engaging, easy to digest, and easy to maintain.

We migrated lots of content from their old site, taking advantage of both programmatic and manual migration to take migrate the blog and more complex pages.

On the backend, an abundance of shortcodes and flexible fields provide a variety of layout options to support their many and varied programs, which vary depending on audience, location, duration, etc. Backend content options are like a Swiss Army Knife of options: articles (both external + on site), embedded tile displays for posts, carousel display for posts, events, FAQ posts that are categorized and automatically added to program pages, related content options, customizable side columns for program pages… there’s nothing the custom content on this site can’t do!

We used Gravity Forms for several forms on the site, including a great short form signup that links to Mailchimp. Events Calendar Pro came in handy for events, and we tagged events with program-specific categories so that relevant events (like recruitment meetings, for example) show up on related program pages.


Check out our favorite pages:

Our Programs, a dynamically-generated page, where individual program tiles are pulled in by program categories:

Cultural Vistas: Our Programs
The flexible and powerful program pages give Cultural Vistas the ability to share and maintain a relatively simple program like the Cultural Vistas Fellowship and a much more detailed program like the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship in the same interface, picking and choosing which elements are needed:

Cultural Vistas editing interface


The beautiful infographic on the About Us page quickly tells the full full story of this dynamic organization:

Cultural Vistas: About Us