Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is a knowledge and information management consulting firm, dedicated to providing high quality information management, application development, and project management
to its customers, which include both public and private sector organizations like Fortune 500 companies, global non-profits, nongovernmental organizations, and private businesses.

The company specializes in taxonomy and information management, so they wanted their new site (especially their Knowledge Base) to be really well-organized, clean, and easy to navigate. They came to us with a detailed design specifications and functional requirements document (true to their nature!), which helped us to define the complex business rules that make up the backend, and to determine the need for an advanced filtering tool like FacetWP.

The custom-designed and -built WordPress site is super flexible, including a homepage management tool that empowers EK to feature any post or page in any of the homepage boxes.

Read about EK’s website redesign experience on their blog, where they share the best practices that resulted in the new site.