Global Zero Donation Form

Obama’s digital team was the first group to prove the effectiveness of multi-step donation forms during the summer of 2012. Since then, they’ve become a popular way to increase conversions by getting users “to the top of the mountain by showing them a small incline rather than a steep slope,” in the words of Obama digital campaign member Kyle Rush.

When Global Zero came to us, they were looking for a way to make donations easier and more intuitive. We developed a 3-step donation form that beautifully matches their branding, and carefully directs potential donors through a streamlined process toward the donate button.

If, when the donor hits that Donate button, they’ve chosen a one-time donation, we present a lightbox that prompts them to consider a recurring donation instead. The lightbox is simple and easy to use, and allows Global Zero to track how many donors get converted from one-time donors to recurring donors and at what levels they contribute. Learn more about recurring donation lightboxes.

Global Zero recurring donation lightbox