Innovating Education in Reproductive Health

Innovating Education in Reproductive Health is a groundbreaking effort to improve women’s reproductive health by creating quality curricula around abortion and reproductive health, and reaching out
to healthcare providers to ensure that they are integration reproductive health options in their practice.

The organization’s website needed a redesign and reorganization to better highlight program purpose and focus, make important and useful easy to find material, and ensure that the site looked great no matter what screen size. We refreshed the site design and architecture, focusing on creating a more welcoming experience for everyone, including mobile users.

Innovating Education has a lot of amazing videos and resources for medical professionals and students, but it wasn’t always easy to find specific resources due to a lack of search functionality and the less-than-ideal organization of their old website. After a review of their content, we recommended updating their site navigation to organize resources by types and topics, and we recommended dramatic changes to the way they were creating their content posts. Instead of creating a single page with a long list of videos on a particular topic, we recommended that they break that content into individual posts, categorizing each post by a topic. This improved the effectiveness of their resource library with distinct resource posts that could be returned through a site search.

We used both tree testing and first impression testing to confirm that the new site structure would be easy to navigate, and that content would be easy to discover on the new site. In addition, we bolstered the site with great search functionality.