Innovating Education for Reproductive Health Learning Module

WordPress is so many things: an amazing blogging tool, a powerful and flexible application platform, and, in this case, a learning module!

Our friends at Innovating Education for Reproductive Health asked us to help them apply WordPress’ flexibility and power to a static learning tool that guides health care providers’ in caring for their patients.

The original tool was created by another developer, but it was hard-coded in a single file and couldn’t be edited by the Innovating Education team. We adapted the original content into a customizable module that can be easily edited thanks to a WordPress post type. And best of all, now that this module format exists, the Innovating Education team can easily create new modules for other topics.

Because the team wanted the live display to feel like flipping through a series of animated slides, we worked hard to get the slides and interaction just right, ensuring that the new tool will work smoothly will easily adapt to new content.