Interfaith Alliance

Interfaith Alliance is a respected organization that seeks to protect faith and freedom by respecting individual rights, protecting boundaries between religion and government, and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism and build common ground. The organization had two mobile-un-friendly websites — one in Joomla and one in WordPress — that it wanted a redesign to better reflect the vibrancy and modern relevance of its work.

We designed two beautiful, mobile-responsive WordPress sites that share content to reinforce the organization’s brand and better feature social media and allow for social media sharing. We worked to improve their overall content organization to highlight and prioritize the many important campaigns they create, from providing election year resources to working against hate groups.

Using our Gravity Forms plugin, we made it possible for the organization to create custom forms on their site that feed directly into their Salsa CRM, and we added an RSS feed that sends updates from one site to the other automatically!