KeepAmericaFishing Day

In June 2014, our friends at Keep America Fishing sponsored the first-ever KeepAmericaFishing Day. The concept was simple and cool: all over the world, on the exact same day, anglers dropped their hooks into rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, and seas — and logged in to the KeepFishing Day website to document how many people they took with them. Total numbers from around the world showed global support for recreational fishing.

In the end, more than 3000 anglers registered on the interactive microsite we built into the award-winning Keep America Fishing site, added their fishing trip to the customized Google map, posted their pictures to the photo wall, and tweeted about their catches.

The microsite tallied the anglers as they registered, and as each one signed up, the counter on the top of the microsite increased. As anglers identified the location of their fishing trips, the Google Map filled with fish icons.

When the big Fishing Day came, anglers were able to snap pictures of themselves with their phones and submit them to the photo wall, thanks to an integration we built with the Fishidy mobile app.