LIHEAP Action Center

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program has provided critical short-term aid to America’s most vulnerable for more than 30 years.

The program had grown out of it’s old WordPress website, which was not only limited in terms of design, but was also difficult to update. The new site is easy to maintain, and boasts custom pages for each state, which can be found via the interactive map on the home page. We built a special content type to handle the state-specific materials, which are now maintained in the materials hub, and then pushed to each state page as appropriate. 

Other cool features pop up around the site: the new “Get Help” menu item opens a separate sidebar with help for folks who found the site thanks to a search for “energy assistance,” the top drop-down menu cycles through the most recent blog posts, and the new footer allows readers to view quotes about LIHEAP and post their own to share!