MBI is a dynamic small-business-like nonprofit that helps organizations quickly and cost-effectively take their viable biotech solutions to market, and to communities in need through sharing.

The old MBI site was a dated cookie cutter site with uninspiring images and inconsistent messaging about who MBI is and what they do. The organization wanted to *show* what they do, instead of just describing it with lots of long, wonky text.

We customized the Brooklyn WordPress theme through wireframing and design processes to crate a beautiful site that uses gorgeous and vibrant images to show what a nonprofit biotech org does. The site presents MBI’s work in a professional but easy-to-digest way using flipcards, sliders, and MBI’s social media feeds to enhance the text with dynamicism and subtle movement.

The site is a good mix of static content (what they do, their story, etc.) with dynamic content (staff profiles, news and press releases), all of which are easy to manage for the communications staff, while remaining interesting for MBI’s audience.