Ohio Education Association

The Ohio Education Association’s website is packed with important information used by their members, teachers, and parents across the state, but because they’d historically added nearly all important information to their homepage and used a cumbersome menu structure, the site was challenging to navigate and users were not able to find resources very easily.

We loved helping them reorganize, redesign, and rebuild their site in WordPress and Action Network, creating a resource hub that is more useful for members, easier to update and revise, and better at inspiring action.

The organization has great in-house design chops, so we worked together to develop around the designs they came up with, and provided thoughts on web design best practices through the design process. On the homepage, we’ve solved a big pain point for OEA with a gallery that makes the once content-heavy homepage into a powerful tool for featuring important news and links. Large images and sparse text belies the fact that the homepage still conveys a ton of information.

After years of difficult updates and organic growth, the site architecture had become unwieldy, so it was really satisfying to prune it through a site audit, sitemapping exercise, and usability tests. It used to be very difficult to find anything on the site unless you knew exactly where to look, especially in the resources section, but now the site is intuitive and streamlined, with faceted search to help users find exactly what they needed.

The beautiful, well-organized site is easy for the organization to maintain, thanks to WordPress!