Pollinators and Your Plate Campaign

The Center for Food Safety came to us with a huge campaign targeting something Americans love: popcorn. Well, not the popcorn itself, exactly, but rather the bee-toxic pesticides called neonicotinoids (“neonics”) that popcorn industry leaders like Pop Secret and Pop Weaver are feeding to Americans by sourcing their popcorn from seeds that are coated in these harmful chemicals.

We customized a pre-built WordPress template to create a beautiful campaign site, and integrated it with Salsa, and even included a petition signature count, as well as a Facebook/Twitter share count.

The map pulls all petition signatures from Salsa and adds a dot for each one. We’re using Google Fusion Tables to host the data, so that the map is solid and stable, despite the wild popularity of the petition.

Within days of launching this campaign, Pop Weaver agreed to phase out its use of neonics. Pop Secret is next. Add your signature today.

Pollinators Campaign Map