Salsa Email Template Builder

Creating beautiful, mobile-responsive email templates for the Salsa donation and advocacy platform is now a breeze with the new Salsa Email Template Builder.

Salsa’s powerful platform has always come with out-of-the-box, customizable email templates, but they’ve also been non-intuitive for non-tech savvy clients, and too simple and “blah” for tech savvy clients. 

Our new build-your-own tool allows Salsa customers to:

  • Choose from 3 beautiful templates, including a basic e-blast template, a sidebar template with a great big hero image, and a beautiful newsletter template
  • Customize fonts, colors, and text size
  • Upload a logo and add a tagline to the header
  • Add links to social media profiles to the footer
  • Add Donate and Unsubscribe buttons

After customizing to their hearts’ desire, Salsa customers simply click a button to generate the Salsa-ready HTML, and cut and paste in directly in to Salsa.

The fully tested templates look great in desktop email clients, as well as mobile and tablet clients. 

Check out what Salsa has to say about the template builder, and watch their great little webinar, which explains how to use the tool.