team4tech is a for-purpose social enterprise start-up that seeks to advance 21st century education in developing countries by connecting technology industry professionals and solutions with high impact nonprofit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) projects. The organization works to foster the adoption of 21st Century skills, integrate adaptive learning technology into curriculum, and fuel digital literacy among teachers and students.

We upgraded team4tech from a dated Drupal installation and put your site into a brand new, more secure, and more intuitive Drupal installation, migrated their content, and then taught them how to make their own updates without the help of a tech team. To better fit a limited budget, we started with a mobile-friendly Drupal template rather that creating a new Drupal template from scratch.

On the backend, we integrated with the organization’s established Salesforce assets: a volunteer application, an NGO application, and an invitation-only volunteer registration. We also built a beautiful projects page that shows both upcoming and past projects on a beautiful map, instantly displaying the organization’s impact around the world.

team4tech map