Texas Freedom Network

Texas Freedom Network is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization of more than 85,000 religious and community leaders. The group acts as Texas’ watchdog, keeping tabs on the state’s religious right, and
fighting back when necessary in order to protect religious freedom and educational freedom.

Heading into its 20-year anniversary, the organization was ready to move out of Convio Pagebuilder and Luminate Online, in favor of an open-source CMS. We helped them move into WordPress, and integrated the site with the existing Luminate account so that email addresses collected on the WordPress site are fed directly into Luminate. Along the way, we also merged two separate WordPress sites so that all of the organization’s web properties live in one place now. All in all, we merged almost 2,500 items into the new information architecture.

The new site is not only beautiful and great at featuring the incredible quality and quantity of blog content, research, and issues work they do, but it is also so much better integrated.