The Sea Change Program

Sea Change is a brand-new nonprofit, working to bridge the gap between social scientists, researchers, theoreticians, and practical workers to reduce abortion stigma. The organization in unique in that it conducts the science itself, working with a network of domestic and international partners.

Sea Change hired us to build its very first website — a WordPress site where people can learn about the organization and its work, hear its unique voice, learn about its partners, and connect through Facebook, email subscriptions, and donations. We built the site to grow with the organization as it grows, and become more and more dynamic and interactive over time.

We also created a beautiful and modular infographic to describe the program’s Theory of Change. Because our design and development philosophy dictates that our customers own the work we do for them, Sea Change owns both the images we used and the image we built, so they can easily reuse the whole graphic or any of the individual components in future web content, presentations, and publications.

In the end, Sea Change got a beautiful, easily maintainable website and a gorgeous and informational graphic, both of which help them tell their story and counter abortion stigma to create real culture change around abortion stigma.