Toxic Ten by Penn Environment

PennEnvironment worked with a coalition of organizations to create a damning report that examines the 10 most toxic facilities in Allegheny County in Southwestern Pennsylvania, which ranks in the top 2% for cancer risk due to air quality, and where 40% of summer days last year were red alert days. The facility-by-facility report highlights the worst of the polluters, and tells a deep story about the intense concentration of polluters in Pittsburgh area.

We create a customized WordPress site to show off the report’s two key offerings: data on each facility in the Toxic Ten — what they emit and how dangerous they are — and a narrative to paint a picture around each facility — for example, some facilities are set away from inhabited areas, but others are much closer to where people live and raise their children.

The site presents extensive data from the official report and personalizes the report results for site visitors. The map integration allows site visitors to search for their location and learn about how close they live to Allegheny’s Toxic Ten facilities, making it easy for them to share the (horrible) news and to take action via a branded, mobile-friendly Salsa petition.