Waterkeeper Alliance

We’ve had a blast working with the Waterkeeper Alliance to modernize and optimize its website. We started months and months ago with a comprehensive website audit that resulted in a large list of potential improvements, including universal load time, security, and fundraising improvements.

We were honored when Waterkeeper returned to us to implement our suggested changes, and we’re so thrilled with the result. We focused our design efforts on a strong user experience, working to ensure that all visitors know what the Waterkeeper Alliance does, can easily locate local Waterkeeper groups, and can get involved in local and national campaigns.

Our optimization efforts resulted in a lightning fast site with huge improvements over the new site:

  • It loads in 4.03 seconds, down from over 30 seconds.
  • There are only 39 requests on the homepage, down from 445.
  • The size of the homepage is only 1.81 MB, down from 18.3 MB.
  • We cleaned up a ton of ugly code, and losslessly compressed 3,200+ images, which decreased site load time significantly.

On top of all the improvements to the visitor experience, we also improved the backend for site maintenance: in the past, Waterkeeper was forced to shove all of its unique content into simple, bland interior page template. For their new site, we built several new custom post types to help them manage special content like events and board members better.