Austin George

Project Manager

Austin got his start in the nonprofit sector while working on the 2008 elections. Helping to run voter registration and GOTV in Michigan and Ohio, he quickly realized he had found his calling and his people. He’s since spent over 14 years working around the country on issues like health care, the environment, human rights, and social justice.

He currently lives in Colorado with his wife and two kids where he enjoys climbing, trail running (basically anything in the mountains), reading, watching movies, and playing with his dog, Betty. Though not all at the same time.

Staying calm in chaos with great planning to avoid it
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
6 months*
Betty, a 6 month old whirling dervish of puppyhood
A Nalgene bottle (Coloradans know the importance of staying hydrated)
Last Known Location
Golden, Colorado