Don Mears

Junior Developer

Growing up in the 1990’s, technology has always been a major influence in Don’s life. From the super NES when he was two-years-old to his current, monstrous gaming PC, technology has always been a passion.

A five-year Air Force veteran, Don recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Before finishing university, Don worked in the medical supply industry utilizing CRM systems to provide healthcare supply services to Veterans Affairs hospitals in Washington, DC, and Fort Meade, Maryland. Though he loved serving veterans and helping them receive the healthcare they needed, he decided to return to school and follow his true passion for computers, where he picked up skills in programming languages including JavaScript, CSS/HTML, PHP, Java, and C++, alongside other computer science fundamentals.

Outside of work, you can find Don building gaming computers, playing PC games, painting Warhammer miniatures, binge watching shows online, and following the NBA, NFL, and F1. Plus spending too much on sneakers!
B.S. Computer Science - Wilmington University
Always wished for the super power from the movie Limitless where Bradley Cooper takes the little pill and becomes a polymath/genius.
Past Employers
USAF, Cardinal Health, Geek Squad
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
1 Year*
HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Java, Android, .NET
Last Known Location
Bear, Delaware