Nick Ortiz

Web Developer

Nick’s love for the web started early, when he built his first web pages for fun in middle school. Since then, he’s studied graphic design, digital media, and web technology, and has worked in both freelance and in-house development positions. His passion has always led him to the web.
Nick is a great team player who likes the idea of people using their unique talents and skills to help others. We’re proud that he was Cornershop’s first employee.

graphic design, digital media, web technology - Central New Mexico Community College
Ability to reload quick saves of your crashed website from yesterday's backup so you can start back where you were.
Past Employers
Central New Mexico Community College
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
6 months*
2, plus 1 kid
billowing e-cig vapor that disorients and confuses enemies with its maple syrup, cinnamon, and new car smell.
custom focus, tenacity, PHP, jQuery, CSS, Javascript, WordPress custom fields, post types, taxonomies
Last Known Location
Rio Rancho, New Mexico