Shelby Elliott

Business Development Specialist

Shelby (she/her) is a communicator, creator and problem solver with a penchant for all things technological, psychological, and theological. She started pursuing coursework and training in the IT world at age 16, and has been designing websites and developing communications strategy ever since.

Shelby has a passion for getting to know folks who make a difference in the world, and for leveraging her experience to help them craft right-sized solutions that move their causes forward. She strives to embody a holistic person-centered approach to working on the web, and is excited to apply that philosophy to Cornershop’s clients and their end users.

When she’s not tinkering with tech, or nerding out re: her constellation of fascinations, she can be found (usually alongside her son) getting into all manner of DIY projects, experimenting with recipes, and making other beautiful messes.

BA in Religion - Capital University, AA in Communication - Columbus State Community College
Resourcefulness, empathy, communication
Past Employers
Linworth United Methodist Church, Corner Market Media, former contracts with: West Ohio Conference UMC, Heartland Conference UCC, Aboundant Digital Agency & Modern Tribe
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Timeline
3 months *
Dachshund mix named Buddy :)
Bullet journal, grit, perfectly diplomatic emails
Friendly and clear technical writing, systems thinking, workflow design, asset mapping, creative problem-solving, troubleshooting, fundraising, ...and if it's digital media related, I've probably done it.
Last Known Location
Columbus, Ohio