Welcome to Cornershop, Danny and Jen!

We recently posted for a full-stack developer, and we were so happy to get a ton of great resumes. So many great resumes, in fact, that we couldn’t pick just one. So we hired two!

Welcome to the team, Jen Lake and Danny Cabrera!

Jen joins us from beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she was working for both Sandia National Laboratories *and* the University of New Mexico, while also working on her MBA and (incidentally) another Masters degree in Management Information Systems. Lady know how to work. Jen came to web development thanks to her Xanga blog back in the day, and is now a WordPress developer who loves good design and frontend dev.

Danny lives in New Jersey near New York City, and has been working on the web since he started his AOS at the Art Institute of New York City. Danny’s a WordPress pro with a special passion for motion design, interactive elements, and animation. When he’s not on his computer, you’ll find him seeking adrenaline through action sports, or making music.

Welcome to Cornershop, you two!