Welcome to Cornershop, Kenji!

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Kenji Garland to the Cornershop team as our new full-stack WordPress Developer. w00t!
Kenji is a self-taught web developer who has been designing and programming since middle school, where he got his start teaching sacred geometry to pixelated turtles. In hindsight, his decision to move toward creating websites was a highly practical one. Since mid-school, he has built web sites for schools, startups, and multinational corporations, and has developed a healthy respect for WordPress’ focus on user experience for site administrators as well as visitors.
Kenji’s background in electronic music bodes well for Cornershop’s Friday Music Video selection, and gives him a decided gizmo orientation. In his spare moments, Kenji negotiates a fragile detente between a lovely beautiful cat, Roswell SpookMagnet, and a lovely beautiful psychotic dog, Sister Cujo Kitsune; and tries, in various ways, to make the world a less hostile place for all its residents.