Welcome to Cornershop, Tracy!

We’re thrilled to welcome Cornershop’s newest member, Tracy Apps, to the team!

With her bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of Wisconsin, Tracy is living proof that you *can* get a generic art degree from college (and not starve). Her inability to focus on one thing has proven to be very useful as a creative working with interactive media. She loves solving problems creatively, and her overlapping skills in design, user experience, strategy, front-end development, photography, video, and traditional art really help her to not only think outside the box, but to stay miles away from the box altogether!

With over 20 years of web development experience, and over 15 years of client work under her belt, Tracy approaches design very strategically, thinking from all angles to ensure a consistent and effective creative solution… not just something that “looks pretty.”

Before joining Cornershop, she spent over 7 years building up her own successful creative agency, working on projects of all sizes, from startups and small businesses to giant corporations, but she was always drawn to organizations and non-profits that share her passion for improving the world. Tracy has spoken internationally at conferences, lead workshops ,and taught at the college level on design, web development, technology, and communication strategy.

When she’s not busy solving creative puzzles, you’ll either find Tracy playing the drums, lifting heavy things in CrossFit, or traveling. And she’ll most likely be wearing a bowtie, because bowties are cool.

Tracy lives in Brown Deer, WI with her partner, a cat named moe (@moethecat on twitter) and a dog named canım (a turkish word of endearment, equivalent to “sweetheart” or “dear”).

And yes, her last name really is Apps!