Encyclopedia Site Supports Growth and Appreciation for Climate Psychology Terms

Ecopsychepedia is an encyclopedia website designed to define and increase the understanding of climate psychology terms.

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Date Completed

  • September 2022

The dedicated team behind the Ecopsychepedia came to Cornershop with an idea of building an educational website that would educate people on climate psychology terms and the importance of those terms to our society. They wanted to start small, with a minimum viable product, so they could show proof of concept to potential donors and get the funding they need to really grow the encyclopedia.

Knowing that we needed to leave room to grow, we helped the team identify exactly what they wanted in the website to begin with, and also look to the future. We then came up with a calming, colorful design and developed the website using Blocksy theme. The encyclopedia functions are managed by a WordPress plugin called WP Glossary, which allows us to offer deeper categorization and better display of terms. 

The new website is currently small on content, but mighty because it has a distinct brand identity and a great structure to grow into.