Saving Newark Wetlands

User-Friendly Microsite Inspires Community Action

Save Newark Wetlands is an action-oriented microsite organized by the Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge. The website’s goal:  to drum up more support for permanent protection and restoration of the spectacular Newark Area 4 region of the San Francisco bay.

Systems Used

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Date Completed

  • July 2021

Since the whole point of building the Save Newark Wetlands website was to get people involved and taking action, this website had to be all about the visuals, in addition to housing things like petitions and donations. We used the Impacto Patronus theme in combination with Elementor as the builder, which allowed us to include all of the functionality with the campaign’s gorgeous photographs — all without sacrificing any usability.

To help them reach their audience in style, we created new email, donation, and action templates for Action Network which matched the branding and feel of the website. We also embedded signup forms for their Action Network lists directly into the website pages.

Saving Newark Wetlands Petition