Navigate STL Schools

Navigate STL Schools Website Makes a Tough Decision Easier With Robust Functionality

Navigate STL Schools helps St. Louis families learn about the local school system and the options available to them. Our team loved getting the opportunity to help them build a website that better serves their mission.

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Date Completed

  • September 2023

The previous Navigate STL Schools website just did not work. Users were not able to access the data and other information that they needed to make an informed decision about schools for their kids.

Eager to get their community a functioning website, our team got to work building a robust WordPress site with the Crate theme. The fun, kid-friendly design is the cherry on top of an awesome, hard-working site!

It has all the bells and whistles necessary to help their community of parents and caregivers, including the following features and more:

  • School search with facets to enable visitors to search and learn about different schools and school systems
  • Spreadsheet data upload to allow their team an easy way to keep school data and information up to date
  • Interactive map to show visitors their options based on location
  • Saved searches so visitors can easily pick up where they left off in their school research
  • Favoriting capabilities to make the process of dwindling down the list of school options easier for users
  • Parent portal to offer additional features and a custom experience to parents and caregivers going through the research process and beyond
  • Events calendar to promote the organization’s upcoming events, as well as those of individual schools

Custom-built for the unique St. Louis schools community, we considered the user’s experience every step of the way, especially when building out the site’s robust functionality. The new Navigate STL Schools website is an integral tool for their community members to select the right school for their children and families. 

The organization is over the moon to have a beautiful (working!) website for their mission. And we’re over the moon to have been able to make it happen!