California Environmental Voters

New Branding and Two Websites for California Environmental Voters

California Environmental Voters (CEV) and CEV Education fund work to educate voters and leaders to help protect our air, land, water, and vulnerable communities.

California Environmental Voters
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  • February 2022

CEV does great work in California, and was ready to have websites that showcased this work. They contacted Cornershop to build two new websites with a brand new look, new content, and some great features that would help them connect better with their audience. Since the two websites are connected, they needed to have the same branding, but different content and purpose.

Starting with the Education Fund, we built a new website using the Phlox Pro theme and Elementor Pro, paying careful attention to mobile displays. The new website includes Google Groups integration, and functionality for tracking and automating invoices. We also wrote some new content for key pages using messaging they provided. The finished website features plenty of color and fun animation that pulls the audience in and provides the educational experience CLV was looking for. 

Next, we created the main Envirovoters website by cloning the Education Fund site and customizing some of the functionality as needed. Then we added the new page structure, changed out the content, switched a few of the colors around, and checked to make sure all of the mobile styling was retained through the process of cloning and adapting the main site for this purpose. Now both websites are a beautiful reflection of the work CEV is doing, and their branding is fully updated and consistent.