A New Website Offers a More Welcoming Experience to Those With Cancer

SOUL RYEDERS provides personalized resources, innovative programs and community support to anyone in the New York Tri-State area impacted by any type of cancer. Our team was honored to help SOUL RYEDERS promote their Wig Exchange, which provides donated wigs to people who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment.

Systems Used

Services Provided

Date Completed

  • January 2023

SOUL RYEDERS was looking to streamline and automate a confusing, manual Wig Exchange process to make it easier for clients and their team to navigate. Considering the fact that most people come to SOUL RYEDERS for support during a very difficult time in their lives, it was important to make the process of browsing and reserving wigs before a fitting appointment as kind and welcoming as possible.

Our team built a customized WooCommerce shop for clients to browse and select wigs, as well as a WordPress landing page that explains it all in detail to quell any confusion around the process.

Unlike the old process, the intuitive new Wig Exchange is much more user-friendly. It’s easier for their team to manage and for their clients to navigate, offering a more welcoming experience for clients. Plus, the new Wig Exchange matches their current branding to prevent any confusion around the program’s connection to SOUL RYEDERS.