Pioneers Reaches Supporters with Strategic Campaign Implementation

We work with a marketing strategy firm to plan, build, and send emails and fundraising campaigns for Pioneers.


Systems Used

Services Provided

Date Completed

  • October 2020

We work closely with the team at to send engaging, effective email campaigns for Pioneers, which has operated volunteer and community support programs in Canada and the US since 1911.

Lautman first develops the strategy and calendar for the year, and drafts campaign messages with the Pioneers team.

Next, we take that content and build out attractive, accessible messages in the Informz email platform. Then we test the messages across many different email clients and platforms. Once they’ve proven deliverable, we schedule them for delivery.

Each campaign includes materials like:

  • A mobile-friendly email template with unique graphics for specific campaigns.
  • Unique tracking codes for campaign links.
  • Campaign-specific enhancements like fundraising forms and graphics.
  • Updates to Informz pages and forms.