Power 4 Puerto Rico

Power4PuertoRico’s New Education Site Inspires Interactivity & Community Engagement

Power4PuertoRico Education is envisioning thriving Puerto Rican communities and dedicated to building a network of change agents to advocate for their community. Although they’ve had a huge impact in their community in regards to their civil engagement workshops and other events, they didn’t have a site to showcase their work and spread awareness of their mission.

Systems Used

Services Provided

Date Completed

  • April 2024

Our goal was to not only create an accessible and aesthetically pleasing site, but one that would succinctly display their work and provide opportunities for Puerto Ricans  across the diaspora and within Puerto Rico to add their voices. Their focuses were on displaying their main training series, civil engagement workshops, community conversations, and food sovereignty forum to exhibit their work and impact in the community.

But, rather than create a site with extra pages they don’t need, we developed a one-page custom nonprofit website that invites users to discover Power4PuertoRico’s mission for education and how supporters can get involved.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Once the team is ready, the site can be updated and expanded upon at any time, making it possible to create dedicated landing pages and other content for future campaigns and events.

Since their audience and team are both Spanish and English speakers, a major point of ours was to build the site with TranslatePress and utilize auto-translation from Google. Our primary concerns were to make sure that the plugin provided visitors with an easy way to translate pages, and that the team could publish content in either language and take advantage of the auto-translate features.

With expanded opportunities to spread awareness and gather a following for their organization, our nonprofit website services have made it possible for Power4PuertoRico to not only highlight Power4PuertoRico’s dedication to education and civil engagement but also strengthen their ability to connect, grow, and inspire change.