SIECUS Design Update Engages Visitors and Showcases Their Mission

SIECUS has been advancing and advocating for sex education improvements for 60 years, envisioning and working toward a future where comprehensive sex ed is the foundation for health and public policy.

Systems Used

Services Provided

Date Completed

  • April 2024

But their website was still in the past, with an outdated design and layout that didn’t fit their style or mission and wasn’t engaging to their visitors and supporters.

The SIECUS team reached out to us about creating a new look for the site that would bring their website up-to-date with their ideals, and we were so excited to work with such a long-standing and impactful organization and help them showcase their work with a great new website.

One of the team’s main issues with the old site was how difficult content was to access for visitors and how the site as a whole was often confusing to navigate. For all of our sites, we focus on ease-of-access to content and easy to understand navigation menus. And that was no different for SIECUS.

We dedicated a large portion of our time in this project to revamping and reorganizing content to ensure that users could easily reach the content that was most valuable to them, whether that be on-page content or linked documents and resources.

With an updated navigation menu and fewer obstacles between visitors and the content, this redesign makes it much easier for users to find the information that’s important to them and learn more about SIECUS’ research and impact.

We’re also incredibly proud of our work on their State Profiles page, which features a color-coded, state-by-state graded analysis of existing sex ed laws and legislation. This was created through the MapGeo interactive maps plugin, allowing us to

  • Add a drop-down to select a state and feature color-coding options based on grade,
  • Display detailed information on hover over each state,
  • And add links to additional information for visitors to continue further into the site.

These links then point users toward the detailed state profiles that contain current sex ed requirements, recent legislation, and more. This is a massive improvement over their previous state profiles page as the previous maps weren’t color-graded nor displayed information upon hover. Now it’s even easier for users to find information on their states’ sex ed.

Their take action page also takes a new approach. Knowing their audience, the SIECUS team decided to break down the actions by the amount of time they would take. Their previous Get Involved page mentioned events, but otherwise was more donation focused and targeted toward more specific audiences.

With their new Take Action page, anyone who wants to support SIECUS can choose how much of a commitment they can dedicate to SIECUS’ mission and be encouraged by the  calls-to-action(CTAs) to take that action, whether they have a lot of time or just a few minutes.

From the navigation menu, to their policy pages, to their news and updates, SIECUS’ new redesign better fits their goals as an organization while engaging and encouraging visitors to take action and provides them with valuable content to create change within their communities.