Smart as a Fox

Smart as a Fox Website Gets a Facelift

With almost 20 years of experience working with impactful organizations, Smart as a Fox helps nonprofits, socially-minded businesses, and campaigns advance positive social change through the effective utilization of digital tools and strategies. We love getting the opportunity to partner with other companies supporting positive change through tech!

Smart as a Fox

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  • September 2023

The Smart as a Fox team needed a new website that better represented their brand. They were looking for more pops of color throughout the web design, and our designers delivered. Using the Elementor theme in Wordpress, we built their team a fun, playful, and dynamic website to match their brand.

In addition to the slightly different look, we helped migrate their content into the new site and made improvements for both SEO and accessibility.

The Smart as a Fox team is once again happy with their representation online and back to using their website to attract like-minded organizations looking to change the world with the help of digital strategy.