Society of Biblical Literature

Society of Biblical Literature Moves to WordPress

The Society of Biblical Literature is an organization dedicated to the critical investigation and study of the bible, and their website, The Bible Odyssey, is a main hub for their approach to biblical texts.

Society of Biblical Literature
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  • December 2022

The site was originally built with sitecore, however, overtime that proved to be too difficult for employees to navigate and make necessary changes, as only one person knew how to do so. 

SBL came to Cornershop with a two-part plan: first, they wanted to move their current content into WordPress, which would make their nonprofit website updates much easier for team members to manage, and they also wanted to work on a full redesign for the site. 

Currently, phase one is complete! The Bible Odyssey website has now been completely transferred to WordPress and includes all of their content, and a new Bible API feature that we (verbed) using a Custom API integration. This functionality allows visitors to search the text of several different Bibles and compare the results side by side. 

In addition, we added a feature that dynamically loads Bible passage tooltips related to the content. Regarding the initial issue where their original website was difficult to manage and update, Cornershop provided documentation and training for the team, giving them ultimate control over content updates for the site.