Associated Blind Foundation

The Associated Blind Foundation Builds Their First Online Home

The Associated Blind Foundation’s Selis Manor is home to over 200 blind or visually impaired residents who live independently in Manhattan. The community provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where residents can fully engage in a range of services and activities that help them connect, live life to the fullest, and reach their true potential.

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  • October 2023

The Associated Blind Foundation (ABF) did not have a website, and we were excited to help them build their first site! They needed an online home to spread awareness and raise money for their cause.

We got to work building their team a WordPress website using the Blocksy theme. The website is small, straightforward, and accessible by design. We paid special attention to ensure their audience members with vision impairments would be able to use the website as intended.

Through our content assistance services, we were able to work with their team to develop content for the site that’s both helpful and actionable for visitors. Starting small, we set the foundation for them to grow their content over time as their organization grows.

The ABF team now has a place to showcase their awesome work online. We loved working with them to build this first rendition of their website, and we can’t wait to see where they take it in the years to come!